Thursday, January 21, 2016

Play with your babies

Play helps babies learn about themselves and their world. They experiment with their new bodies from the moment their eyes open.Play is a vital growing and learning part.Remember to be gentle with your baby ,and don’t forget, at the age the baby is now, few minutes are enough ,they get easily tired !For your child playtime is when they discover the world,and have different senses, feelings, for every object around.  One of the best way to start your newborn’s play and development are toys !this doesn’t mean you have to rush things up, with beeping toys,electric toys, everything is very new to her right now.        The best and most important play buddy for your newborn child now, is you, and this feels like the one of most wonderful things in the world as a parent.Some tips to play with your baby :You might not have time to stop and play for a few minutes, but chatting to your baby about anything you’re doing not only keeps him entertained, but can start laying the foundations for language development.

 The baby loves the sound of your voice, your songs can help his brain develop. Sing him during nappy changes, in the car and at bathtime. You can make up your own songs about whatever you’re doing,the baby will not tell you the song is wrong.

 This simple game of “now you see me, now you don’t” is an enjoyable spectator sport for your newborn. In months to come, he’ll learn to play it with you.

  Make different faces at him, smile, laugh, roll your eyes and wave your hands gently. He’ll be fascinated and may even try to imitate you.

 Toys let your baby exercise the sense of touch. By touching and feeling things, your baby finds out more about his world. Just be sure your toys are safe and clean – that way you won’t have to worry when they end up in his mouth!So after all these being sayed, have a nice playing time with your newborn baby !
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