Saturday, January 23, 2016

Potty trainig bribe and handling potty training regression

You could gain “points” or “money” every time you and your kid went through the ritual of sitting on the pot, waiting, waiting — then nothing (good try) or something (flush and clean up the mess!)  Well here’s a pat on the back for doing the “potty training” thing! And don't let the potty training regression ruin the party

What is the official “potty training word” on the rewards for potty training?

Some child development gurus say it’s a bad idea. Your kids should be able to potty train without promises of toys, trips or candy.

Others say, “Who doesn’t like a little incentive?”

My take after potty training 3 kids is, it depends on you and the child.  But before you go down the “rewards” aisle it’s good to know the  difference between a “reward” and a “bribe.”

The main difference with these words is: a “bribe” is dangled as “bait” beforehand ….and a “reward” is given after the deed.reward: something given or received in return for service, merit, etc.bribe: anything given or serving to persuade or induce:Source

So let’s put these word in action!Reward:  ”When you make it to the potty and go on your own, you will get a sticker.”Bribe:  ”Please just sit on the potty.  Here’s a sticker. Now sit on the potty.”

The bribe can often backfire in your face.  Now Jr. has the sticker (before he goes potty) but he’s decided he doesn’t want to sit on the potty. Jr.  may say, “I will sit on the potty when you give me another sticker!”  (I’m sure you know how the rest of this plays out!)

The reward can also backfire if you’re not careful. The child may sit on the potty when they don’t “have to go” just to get a sticker!

After potty training three kids, my best approach was to have children’s books near the toilet. That way, when they were trying, I’d read the book or let them turn the pages on their own.

Sometimes, after they went potty I’d just surprise them with a sticker.  ”You’re doing such a good job. How about a sticker!”

Other times, I’d give them one jellybean. Just out of the blue. “Yippee. Here’s a jelly bean.”   We always had books to read, but the rewards were totally sporadic. Icing on the cake. Sometimes my child would say, “Do I get a jelly bean?”  I’d reply, “No, not this time. It’s a surprise, we don’t know when it will happen!”

So they knew to go potty without the surprises, but when a surprise via a sticker or candy came they were excited!  (“The best of both worlds.”)Fun rewards: stickers, jellybeans, marbles, blow bubbles or bouncy balls.Fun bribes:  Ask your brother or sister to potty train your kids in exchange for a paid weekend in Vegas.

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